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Alton Sports Ambassador – Dave Warman runs the Walt Disney Marathon!

If you don’t know already, we have a team of running ambassadors at Alton Sports. These hardy souls run all round the world representing the good name of Alton Sports whilst achieving fantastic feats of fitness! There’s all kinds of marathons and our Dave Warman has just ran the Walt Disney Marathon! Read what he had to say about the event…

“Well I did it !!! I can now tick the Walt Disney Marathon off of my bucket list, although the course was very flat I found this marathon the toughest I have done. I was one of 25,000 runners who took part in the event, I completed the course in 4:49:00, not my quickest time, sadly I can’t even blame the Florida heat as it was 6 degrees.

Still I got into the spirit of things and wore some Mickey ears and made several character stops, although I didn’t do any of the rides, however lots of people did peel off to do rides every time we ran through a theme park. It appears the traditional one is the Everest Adventure in Animal Kingdom as it is at exactly 13.1 miles, however as it takes two & half minutes plus queuing time, I didn’t follow this tradition. I also had trouble with the system the pacers work, the Americans follow the Galloway Plan and now this really messed me up! First it took me 11 miles to catch the pacers (it was a big race) and to then try and do the run-walk-run !! I did it for 7 miles but after 18 miles I was tired and had to let them pass me while I had a word with myself and sorted myself out.

This is not a moan as it was a great race and on reflection an amazing experience but at the time I did struggle, however I made it through. I was wearing my Brooks Ghost 10 trainers and all my Skins Compression Gear. My plans for the future are to recover first! Then my next scheduled event is the Hampton Court Half Marathon in February.”

Thanks so much to Dave for the report – more race stuff coming soon.

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