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Saucony Triumph 17 review – Will Bryan

Saucony Triumph 17 Shoe Review!!!

Saucony have recently released their new Triumph shoe into their roster. It is their very well cushioned, neutral, road shoe option in their selection. It’s closest rivals from other brands would be the Glycerin from Brooks and the Pegasus Turbo 2 from Nike. This premium looking shoe has a lot to live up to, but how does it stack up?
New Features
The first thing you may notice is Saucony have gone from the ‘ISO 5’ to the ‘17’, this is because they have dropped the ISO fit from their Triumph line-up. The new Triumph is overall the 17th edition of the shoe hence the name. Also, they have upgraded the TPU foam in the shoe from the previous Everun to the ALL NEW Pwrrun+ (power run plus!) Unnecessarily, epic isn’t it? This new kid on the block makes the shoe is nearly 10% lighter overall and gives a bouncier ride then it’s predecessor. Supposedly it is in the way they have blown the foam beads in the foam and then fused them together. One would assume more air in the foam would make them less durable, but all the testing and my own experience would suggest the opposite.
In the world of running shoes Saucony has become synonymous with wide fitting and the Triumph isn’t any different. In the toe box your toes will be free to spread at will with every foot stride. The shoe feels secure up around the laces and even with the plushness of the heel counter I encountered no slippage, not even with my slender ankles. In terms of length, they fit true to size so no need to fiddle about with the sizes there.
Long and easy runs are the Triumphs bread and butter, it’s where they truly come into their own. They are a fatigued legs best friend taking a lot of the shock out of each stride and returning the energy nicely to make the shoe bouncy. One thing I will say is if you start to pick up the pace (i.e. the higher end of your steady speed) the shoe may start to unstable. When you hit a piece of uneven surface a speed you may feel the shoe wanting to spring you off in some weird direction. But, for those runs where the pace is more irrelevant these are quickly becoming my shoe of choice.
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On Cloudventure Shoe Launch at Alice Holt!

A miserable wet day at the start of February saw ON Running come along to Alice Holt to launch the Cloudventure shoe alongside ourselves, and our friends at Tribe Sports. We were glad it was wet because it meant mud! And you can’t test a trail shoe without mud – it’s just not ON is it?

Throughout the day we had nearly a 100 runners come and try the shoes on and come and do some of the marked 2k loops that we had set out at Alice Holt. Some people ran one loop and some people ran many a mile.. I think one chap was at the half-marathon distance when I spoke to him last. Not to forget that everyone picked up a free ON limited edition Tee shirt & Tribe protein shake. Sounds like a solid day, right?

Another highlight on the course was the ‘selfie zone’ where one lucky runner would win a pair of Cloudventure (see here) – a cool little idea and one person would end up going home with the shoes they’d been running in. How exciting!

Shoe wise – there was lots of great feedback on them. People were surprised at how light they were considering the amount of cushioning they had.. and that they were grippier than the previous model and other ON shoes they had ran in. Not to mention the comfort! This is a very comfortable shoe, that’s ideal for pounding out the miles on the trails.

We love organising events like this, so keep an eye out on our social pages for lots more in the near future. Thanks to ON & tribe for coming down!

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Check out this Facebook video from the day!