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The Program #1

Join our brand new mentor program to achieve your goals in 2020 and beyond!
This isn’t just about sessions or your training plans, this program will help you see and identify yourself as the runner you have always wanted to be.
Time to shake up your perception of running and work magic on your mental mind game with this 8 week mentor program that seeks to look at the way you look at things and change the perspective to make everything possible.
Quite often its the small changes that make the big differences, the ones staring us in the face but still miss them, Toby will help guide you through small tweaks within your current routines that can fast track your progression alternatively he can help guide you on your existing plans to kick start and help you achieve your 2020 goals.
This Program is for any runner wanting help & guidance to reach new goals, any ability, any discipline, any goal. 
The Program and your one to one mentor will be headed up by Toby Lambert, former GB athlete, 2:18 Marathon runner, sub 30 min 10k runner, Canicross GB team member, experienced XC and road runner with 20 years of training behind him , Alton Sports founder, director and owner who will offer his personal, professional guidance and views to help your running goals.
If you have anymore questions about Program #1  please feel free to email us on or kick start your running dreams and sign up below.

# 1 £149

8 Week Plan
  • 1 x Check in phone call per week
  • 2 x (30 min) 1 to 1 meetings at the start and at the end of the 8 week period. (your first meeting should be face to face )
  • Help, Direction and No Bull advice on your training / Lifestyle / Nutrition advice and goal setting, alongside planning all this around that thing called life.
  • Frequent text messaging when you need a quick bit of help or advice inc. Motivational encouragement, tips, general advice through the week. 

#2 £199 

  • All of the above in Program 1 plus 3!!  1:1  training runs with Toby during the 8 week period .
(All meetings and runs take place from the base HQ at Fourmarks)
Either program purchased  will include a £30 off Footwear and 20% OFF accessories and clothing voucher for use in stores. (T+Cs Apply)
After purchase, you will be contacted by Toby to propose first meeting dates and an agreed start date for your 8 week program ! 

Your order will be dispatched by our dedicated team at Alton Sports. We have a very diverse team with many of our staff members being involved in various running disciplines including 800m to 10km on the Track or Road, Half Marathon to Triathlon and everything in between. Some of our colleagues compete to a high level in both domestic and international competition. Our skills are wide ranging from having qualifications in anatomy and physiology to nutrition to postural assessment and even exercise and coaching.

Should you have any questions or if you would like to know more about Alton Sports or the services and products we offer, please call us on 01420 562267.

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