Supacore Women’s Training Tank Top | Pink Marle




Supacore Women’s Training Tank Top | Pink Marle

  • Seamless: Our seamlessly knitted compression ensures a comfortable and versatile fit that can be worn in any situation under any uniform or training kit.
  • 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
  • Ribtech: Mimics kinesiology-taping techniques and provides a gentle massage whilst the body is in motion.
  • Garment will retain it compression and shape even after 300 washes.


Supacore is a unique premium product, offering medical grade TGA approved graduated compression which is set to disrupt the sporting industry. We’ve taken traditional sports performance wear and given it a serious upgrade with our seamless knitting technology. Like everything that we do, this matters. It matters because: It improves the durability and lifetime of your product. Traditional methods for making clothing include what’s known as “Cut and Sew”. This means that pieces of flat fabric are measured, cut to size, and then sewn together by hand or by a machine (or a combination of both). This means an increased probability of product fault, both in the sizing of the product and for every seam where the flat pieces are joined together. It also means that over the time that you wear your clothing, the chances of both the product tearing and the compression forces throughout changing due to a weakening of the seams are increased – diminishing the effect and lifetime of your product. It matters because: We’re serious about your health, fitness, and injury recovery. Compression garments are a combination of sportswear and fashion technology. You buy them because you want to improve your performance, to prevent injury, and to recover better. Seamless technology is at the “cutting edge” of clothing manufacture, and because the garment is produced in a circle, we’re able to fine tune the compression of each and every Supacore product via computer. Traditional cutting and sewing methods mean producing to a pattern, where there are numerous possibilities for errors in compressive forces with the measuring, cutting, and seam sewing of the garment. It matters because: It’s better for the environment. Traditional “Cut and Sew” techniques involve outlining a deconstructed garment pattern to a flat piece of fabric, cutting out the pieces, and then sewing them together. Of course, no matter how great someone is at this fashion Tetris, there are a certain number of offcuts that are thrown away from the production of a garment. This might not sound like much, after all, those tiny scraps of fabric are so tiny, right? Well, think about it like this. If a pair of tights made in a cut and sew technique has approximately 125g of offcuts per garment, and 1000 pairs are produced… that’s 125kg of waste. Seamless production means zero waste. Each product is made to exact specifications, removing the need for cutting, and removing the waste. Here at Supacore, we want to keep living, running, and training in a world that’s healthy and well looked after, so reducing our impact on the environment is an important part of our values. Your choice in the products you purchase matters.

Your order will be dispatched by our dedicated team at Alton Sports. We have a very diverse team with many of our staff members being involved in various running disciplines including 800m to 10km on the Track or Road, Half Marathon to Triathlon and everything in between. Some of our colleagues compete to a high level in both domestic and international competition. Our skills are wide ranging from having qualifications in anatomy and physiology to nutrition to postural assessment and even exercise and coaching.

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