Salomon Sense Pro 5 | Black / Ebony




Salomon Sense Pro 5 | Black / Ebony

  • Sensifit

    Stability/freedom of movement The construction uses stretch, breathable fabrics that conform to the body, and lightweight adjustments for fit and stability. The pack doesn’t bounce but allows comfortable breathing.

    Soft flasks Speed included *2 (500ml / 17oz)

    Soft flask Speed is quick and easy to fill, drink and clean. It has a large cap that you can fit ice cubes through, and fill fast. The phaser valve allows high flow with no leaking. The flask’s molded top and bottom slide into a pocket. Max temperature 60°C PVC, Phthalate, Bisphenol free.

    Custom quiver compatible

    Upgrade your pack with the custom quiver, providing quick access and stable carrying for your poles. It’s ready to connect.

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    This innovative sternum strap construction allows you to adjust and connect your pack quickly, even on the fly. The elastic strap also allows easy breathing during intense activity.

    1 front expandable pocket

    Built with stretch fabrics, this front pocket gives you quick access to any items you need to access on the go.

    2 front stretch pockets

    Expandable front pockets to store essentials you want to access on the go.

    2 front flask pockets with secure loops

    Designed to fit Salomon soft flasks, these front pockets limit bouncing. Top elastic loops secure your flasks and keep them ready to drink.

    1 low back pocket with 2 side access

    Wide pocket in the back that can be accessed from both sides.

    YKK zipper

    Top quality, very durable and reliable zippers.

  • Back Length
    38 cm
    Hangtag – Benefit 1
    Racing Kit
    Hangtag – Benefit 2
    Hangtag – Benefit 3
    Fast Access
    Reference size
    5 liters
    144 g
    Weight including accessories
    227 grams
    Hydration solution included
    Soft flask included
    Volume scale
    0L > 5L
    Body insert
    88% Polyamide, 12% Elastane
    Back body
    100% Polyester
    Back insert
    89% Polyamide, 11% Elastane
    87% Polyamide, 13% Elastane

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