Salomon INDEX.01 Road Running Shoes Unisex | White




Salomon INDEX.01 Road Running Shoes Unisex | White






With the INDEX.01, bring your everyday running sessions up to the same level as your values. This all-round training shoe cares about the planet and can be recycled once you’re done with it. Durable TPU-based Infiniride™ amplifies the experience by keeping landings cushy, while the Reverse Camber geometry means you’ll spend less time on the ground.





  • Ready to recycle

Designed to be disassembled – the TPU bottom unit and Polyester Upper can be separated for easy recycling.

  • Premium cushioning

Plush cushioning with every strike – our TPU-based Infiniride™ foam allows you to clock miles in first-class comfort.

  • Versatile wear

Balancing performance, style and values, this shoe is perfect for runners and relaxers alike.



  • Recycled material

Materials made from recycled products such as PET bottles or material waste

  • Recyclable model

Using a unique construction allows the materials to be quickly separated for easy recycling after use.

  • R.Camber

Inspired by Salomon’s ski heritage, this curved midsole geometry helps you feel like you are floating over the ground.

  • Infiniride™

Dynamic TPU-based foam infused with nitrogen to deliver plush, long-lasting cushioning.

  • Abrasion-resistant TPU material

Durable material that effectively resists environmental factors to limit wear over time.

  • Flat laces

Flat laces reduce pressure points over the instep for a consistent, comfortable fit.







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