Salomon Adv Skin 12 Set | Red





Don’t forget the gear, just forget you’re carrying it. That’s where freedom begins. The Advanced Skin 12, breathes, stretches and wraps around you without cramping your style. You don’t carry this bag, you wear it. A streamlined design that keeps all your essential kit tight and close, right where you need it. No frills, just thrills


Salomon trail packs are equiped with a whistle for safe trail that is easy to use even still attached to the bag not to lose it.

4D Pole holder

Instinctive, quick and easy access to your poles while running. Can be used also to fix your helmet. Ingeneered to be very easy to use in 4 steps: 1- take the top strap out and put the top pole in. 2- rotate the pole your back. 3- place the bottom pole in the bottom strap. 4- adjust the top strap to lock the pole.

4D bladder insulated sleeve

Removable blader sleeve made with insulated fabrics for quick fill-in operation

Fast wicking fabrics

Improving quick drying and moisture management, these light fabrics deliver the best performance comfort and avoid odor.

Sensi load lifter

Innovative adjustable construction to stabilized weight on the back even while running. Exclusivity: it creates a permanent pressure on the bladder improving water flow.

Elastic Power mesh

Very stretch and breathable fabrics that adapts to body

Safety blanket included

Delivered with the bag as a key element of your safety. Increases pressure on the blader to improve waterflow.


Increased visibility then security.

Sensifit (pack)

Innovative construction using self adjustable fabrics, it conforms to the body for fit and stability, creating a bounce-free equipment while keeping comfortable breathing. Patent pending.

1 internal pocket

2 side zipped pockets

MotionFit Trail


1 Back kangooroo pocket

Easy to access on the go, from right or left, to get any equipment.

1 Chest mobile zipped pocket

Secured storage and quick access for what you need to keep close. Perfect to store your mobile

2 Front soft hydration elastic pockets

Designed to fit 500ml soft flasks (speed or standard), the chest pockets maintain high stability, reduce bouncing and make quick access easy. Elastic loops secure the flasks.

Soft Twinlink

Designed for even more comfort and softness, the two elastic sternum straps connect to a soft lace, eliminating any pressure point on the ribcage while keeping your breathing capacity to the higher level.

3D Air Mesh

Very soft three-dimensional mesh adapts perfectly to the body even in motion without abrasion on skin and teeshirt. With large hole, it is very breathable and comfortable. Ideal for lightweight trailrunning fitted packs.

Soft flask included *2 (500ml / 16oz)

Improved soft flask construction with thermomolded top for easier handling. Provides great comfort reducing pressure point and allowing to drink without effort by pressing the volume. Max temperature 60°C PVC, Phtalate, Bisphenol free.

2 Front stretch pockets

Expandable front pocket to store small essential you need to access quickly on the go.

1 Chest stretch pocket

Perfect to access to essentials on the go

External blader soft compartment for underarm routing

Designed for underarm routing blader with a down lateral exit. Can be used with top exit too. No need to remove your gear from the main compartment to access the blader. The blader is located in an independent pocket in the back of your bag. You’ll save time!

Blader hanging system

Hanging strap allows to fix and maintain the bladder.

Compatible with 1.5l blader

1 back main zipped compartment

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