PowerBreathe K4

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PowerBreathe K4


The POWERbreathe K-Series is the world’s first intelligent digital breathing training range of devices, thanks to the patented precision electronics.

The K series devices all feature a unique, patented, electronically tapered flow resistive loading valve. This means the resistance is constantly monitored and tapered to match your reducing strength throughout the breath thus allowing greater flow and maximum volume rather than cutting off half way through the breath. The result is a more fulfilling and effective breath, maximum flow and volume plus more work per breath than traditional threshold pressure devices.

The K-Series training resistance is specifically designed to match the dynamic changes in breathing muscle strength throughout your breath. It automatically adapts to increases in your inspiratory muscle strength at the beginning of each training session. Training load is highest at the start of your inhalation and gradually decreases as your lungs fill with air.

During the first two breaths of each training session there is no resistance and you should inhale as quickly and deeply as possible. It’s during these breaths that the K-Series device measures your maximum breathing capability. Training load is then gradually introduced during breaths three and four until full loading is achieved for breath five and onwards. During these breaths you will find it gradually becomes harder to inhale.

Training measurement results are displayed on the device’s LCD screen, allowing you to monitor training progress and optimise your training technique.



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