On Cloudflash Men’s Road Racing Shoes UK 10.5 ONLY | Neon/White


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On Cloudflash Men’s Road Racing Shoes UK 10.5 ONLY | Neon/White

The fastest On ever, made for the moments and performances that matter most. Pure speed. Award winning innovation.

Explosive Speedboard™

The Cloudflash Speedboard, is unparalleled in energy transition and fatigue resistance. It loads with impact energy to change toe-off to take-off. The 14 Cloud elements below the Cloudflash are shaped to transform and transfer more impact energy from the runner into fast, forward momentum.

Ultralight mesh

The upper of the Cloudflash has one goal: deliver everything with nothing. Ultra-thin nano-mesh is supported by a skeletal-structure to achieve impossible lightness. Shaped like a race car seat, the performance heel cap keeps your feet strapped in at high velocity. Accelerate in complete security.

For the most important seconds

When competing, every second counts. The minimalist design of the Cloudflash is engineered to turn maximum effort into high speed on the track and in races. While the Speedboard™ fires you forwards every step, CloudTec® gives you just the right amount of cushioning for a direct yet comfortable landing. This fast, responsive ride has made it a favorite among elite athletes.


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