Non-Stop Dogwear | Nansen Nome Harness




Non-Stop Dogwear | Nansen Nome Harness


The Nansen Nome Harness is of exceptional quality. The harness has ample padding, making it comfortable for the dog during pull action. A wide chest pin provides a good fit for the dog, ensuring the optimal use of power exerted during pull. The rear piece is unique in the way that it automatically balances the pull point for dogs who work diagonally. A reflective band makes the harness visible in the dark.

The harness is optimal for pull when used in combination with a low pull point. Some of the best dog mushers in the world rely on our Nansen Nome harness for their dogs. (the rope at the end of each collar is either blue or red)


Size Neck Circumference Size Neck Circumference
Colour Blue Colour Red
4 40 centimetres 4.5 44 centimetres
5 42 centimetres 5.5 46 centimetres
6 44 centimetres 6.5 48 centimetres
7 46 centimetres 7.5 50 centimetres
8 48 centimetres 8.5 52 centimitres
9 50 centimetres





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