Mizuno Wave Shadow 5 Men’s Running Shoes | BlueD/IBlue/PGreen




Mizuno Wave Shadow 5 Men’s Running Shoes | BlueD/IBlue/PGreen

Mizuno Wave Shadow 5 Running Shoes

Utilising Mizuno’s impressive technologies, the Shadow 5 shoes are ideal for uptempo training, running and racing, and exceptional for individuals who are neutral runners, that land on their midfoot.

Engineered Mesh Upper

Developed to provide comfort on the field, the Mizuno Wave Shadow 5 Running Shoes have been constructed using a breathable mesh. Lightweight and highly breathable for all-temperature comfort, the mesh acts as a lightweight second skin, providing a supportive and comfortable fit. Its 3-way monofilament construction allows air to fully permeate the entire upper, letting your feet breathe when the temperature starts to rise or your training session heats up and keeping your feet comfy. Completing the upper is a lacing system that works to lock down the midfoot so you can enjoy distraction-free strides.

Enerzy Midsole

The midsole has been constructed using Mizuno’s signature Enerzy technology, which increases comfort and cushioning for all-day wear. Mizuno Enerzy has been developed to enhance performance capacity and guarantee that athletes retain more of the energy they put in. All whilst providing an overall more comfortable feeling. This new technology is a product of the brand’s combined knowledge on rebound benefits from Mizuno’s cross-sports category expertise and its core Mizuno Wave footwear function, which provides a unique combination of cushioning and stability. Mizuno Wave foam stays as a core element of the midsole construction to guarantee stability, control shock absorption, and enhance cushioning. The Wave’s unique shape will absorb all energy from the strike of the foot on the pavements, where it is then dispersed. This will protect the feet from heavy impacts, as well as adding stability by spreading the energy. The Wave Rider provides a new level of softness and energy return that comes from Mizuno’s pursuit of the most comfortable and smooth running experience to neutral runners who prefer a well-cushioned shoe that makes them feel like they’re floating when running.

X10 Rubber Outsole

Developed using a rubber outsole, the Mizuno Wave Shadow Running Shoes enhance traction and grip. The durable rubber provides a strong grip and works to protect itself from damage, and protect users from losing control and slipping. The rubber is placed on high wear areas such as the forefoot and heel to increase durability. The rubber covers the heel, forefoot and midfoot to enhance durability, resisting the traumas of heel-strike and toe-off to provide you with a reliable and long-lasting running buddy. Completing the outsole is flex grooved, allowing the shoe to flex and expand in every direction for an incredibly natural, lightweight feel as you train that enables a full, unrestricted range of motion in all directions.

About Mizuno

Mizuno was founded in 1906 as Mizuno Brothers Ltd by Rihachi Mizuno and his younger brother Rizo, in Osaka. The shop sold western sundries, including baseballs, and then in 1907 began to sell order-made athletic wear. In 1910 the shop moved to Umeda Shinmichi and its name was changed to Mizuno Shop. In 1913 the firm began to manufacture baseballs and gloves. In 1933 Mizuno presented Star Line, the first Japanese made golf clubs. By 1935 its golf club showroom was the world’s largest.

In 1941 the company name was changed to Mizuno Co., Ltd, and has remained the same since. The first American factory was established in Los Angeles, under the denomination American Mizuno in 1961.


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