Mizuno Wave Rider 25 Men’s Running Shoes | PBlue/Illusion Blue/DPink




Mizuno Wave Rider 25 Men’s Running Shoes | PBlue/Illusion Blue/DPink

Now in its 25th edition of the iconic Wave Rider that delivers a smooth transition and responsive ride that this shoe is loved for all over the world. This season sees the introduction of MIZUNO ENERZY to the heel wedge – providing an even more cushioned landing with increased energy return, improving on the SmoothRide this shoe is known for. The upgraded upper fit and new tongue construction provide the next level of performance and comfort.


The WAVE RIDER was born in 1997 and its smooth ride has been loved by many runners all over the world. MIZUNO ENERZY in the midsole provides soft landing and smooth toe-off and pararel shaped MIZUNO WAVE guide the runners to the correct road-path.

The WAVE RIDER 25 men’s running shoe marks the smoothest in 25 years history.



WEIGHT(G): 275

STACK (MM): 24/36


MIZUNO ENERZY heel wedge combined with Mizuno Wave provides a smoother and more springy running experience.


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