Mizuno 20K ER Women’s Jacket | Red




Mizuno 20K ER Women’s Jacket | Red

The Mizuno Waterproof 20K ER Women’s Trail Running Jacket provides exceptional protection during harsh weather conditions.

The Waterproof 20K ER Women’s Trail Running Jacket from Mizuno is crafted from premium waterproof and breathable fabric with Impermalite technology that offers superior weather protection. The fabric sheds rain while allowing air to permeate, ensuring there is no moisture or heat build-up within the garment. Furthermore, the jacket provides you with fully taped seams and a fully waterproof front zipper that increases weather protection and prevents water from entering the jacket.

In addition, Mizuno have added their DynamotionFit technology which provides the jacket with superb mobility and comfort. The DynamotionFit works with extremely light stretch woven fabric to allow you to stretch and move without encountering any restrictions. An adjustable hood provides additional protection to the head and allows a personalised fit, while two side zip pockets provide safe and convenient storage space for small essential and valuable items you wish to take out with you.

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