INOV-8 TerraUltra 260 Men’s Trail Running Shoes | Yellow/Black




INOV-8 TerraUltra 260 Men’s Trail Running Shoes | Yellow/Black

Inov8 Terraultra 260 Trail Running Shoes

Innovation at its finest – a trail running shoe that delivers high levels of shock absorption without compromising on ground feel. Striking the perfect balance between superior comfort and flexible responsiveness, the TERRAULTRA 260 will be the go-to shoe for long distance trail runners and ultra runners in 2018.

Exterofit Upper

Mesh uppers will encase each foot in durable comfort. Perforations in the fabric increase airflow; creating a better, healthier environment for your feet to thrive in. Exterofit technology reacts to the natural movement and swelling of the foot to provide an optimum, locked-in fit and superb comfort. The gusseted tongue and collar unite to supply next-to-skin comfort and an irritation-free fit, because we recognise how rubbing and blisters can ruin your day. Further protection comes from on the shoe gaiter hooks that offer a more secure attachment system that allows you to attach an all-terrain gaiter to the shoe (sold separately)

Exteroflow Midsole

Infused with exteroflow, the midsole provides high levels of underfoot cushioning without compromising on ground feel. The cushioning absorbs shock impacts minimising the shock when your foot hits the ground, allowing for a more efficient gait. A DFB shank delivers a kick of energy with each step helping you to move faster an more efficiently. The shank also minimises the ‘windlass effect’ reducing the risks of repetitive injury.

E-Grip Outsole

Inov8’s E-grip outsole provides unparalleled grip keeping you grounded on hard trails. 4mm cleats, each with water dispersal channels, prevents aquaplaning and gives maximum grip on the wettest of trails whilst grooves in the outsole provide multidirectional flexibility. The zero drop ensures high levels of exteroception and allows the shoe to move naturally with the foot allowing for a natural gait. This zero-drop shoe makes you feel like you can run forever.

Your order will be dispatched by our dedicated team at Alton Sports. We have a very diverse team with many of our staff members being involved in various running disciplines including 800m to 10km on the Track or Road, Half Marathon to Triathlon and everything in between. Some of our colleagues compete to a high level in both domestic and international competition. Our skills are wide ranging from having qualifications in anatomy and physiology to nutrition to postural assessment and even exercise and coaching.

Should you have any questions or if you would like to know more about Alton Sports or the services and products we offer, please call us on 01420 562267.

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