Compressport Under Control Pirate 3/4 Length Running Tights

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Compressport Under Control Pirate 3/4 Length Running Tights


Sprint at full speed effortlessly with the Running Under Control Pirate ¾. Developed in Switzerland, the Running Under Control Pirate ¾ significantly enhance performances and accelerate your recovery. They deliver a compression perfectly tailored to the different muscle needs of the thighs, knees and calves. Whether it’s in running or on the track for an interval training session, they absorb shocks and provide excellent muscle support. Wear your pirates to reduce muscle fatigue and increase your resistance to hard effort, as they allow you to push to the limit while preventing muscle damage and aches and pains. The ultra-thermoregulating fibre provides a pleasurable feeling of warmth when it is cold, ideal for winter conditions. More ventilated, the Running Under Control Pirate ¾ perfectly wick moisture away to keep you dry at all times. With their seamless design, flexible fibers, you keep great freedom of movement and stay away from irritations.


T1 49-54 19-21
T2 54-59 21-23
T3 59-64 23-25
T4 64-69 25-27




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