Compressport Trail Under Control Short | Black




Compressport Trail Under Control Short | Black

Product description Compressport Trailrunning Under Control Short

The TRAIL RUNNING UNDER CONTROL SHORT’s seamless design offers maximum support to the thighs and absorbs up to 30% of the shocks. A thermoregulated design protects the body from temperature changes while ventilation bands offer comfortable compression to the thighs. A Power-Climb Grip enables you push on your thighs to climb up easily. An astute pocket ensures your accessories are always on hand.This running short has been developed for trail runners who look for unique compression with the comfort of a second skin.


– Targeted compression on strategic muscles of the thighs activates blood circulation.
– Better blood flow improves muscular oxygenation for better and longer performance.
– Compression reduces muscle vibrations and the risks of injury by up to 30%.
– Less muscular damage speeds up recovery.
– Ventilation bands have been integrated directly into the fibre for compression that is still as effective and even more pleasant.

– Ultra-thin fibres provide ergonomy and flexibility so the short stays in place always.
– Providing optimal temperature control and helping your body to keep a constant temperature by protecting you from both cold and hot weather.
– Flat seams at the waist and no seams all over the short causes no discomfort.

– Silicone grips on the thighs allow support so you won’t slip while climbing.
– They provide muscular support for a sensation of incomparable strength for climbing at a brisk pace and hurtling down the steepest paths without any pain!
– A V-belt provides abdominal and lumbar support.


– The water-repellent fibre wicks moisture away and evacuates sweat without absorbing it, even when excessive. No more uncomfortable heavy, damp clothing that irritates and doesn’t dry.

– Every movement triggers a micromassage providing well being and lightness Patented fibre.

– Thanks to the silicone printing, you can plant your hands on your thighs without slipping. Ideal for climbs, particularly during exercise repetitions.

– For optimum comfort, the microfibre is 100% seamless, lightweight and very soft.

– The 360° compression dampens the “shock wave” effect on muscles, veins and joints.

– Your COMPRESSPORT® do not retain water and will remain featherlight in all conditions.

– Maximum comfort of the abdominal muscles while providing great support by absorbing shocks in the lower back fatigue areas. The V Shape of the belt will prevent any pressure on the stomach for optimal comfort.

– This unique and exclusive sewing technique guarantees maximum comfort and solidity in the seams of the short. It will prevent any chafing even during long distance races.

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