Compressport Hurricane Waterproof 10/10 Jacket | Black




Compressport Hurricane Waterproof 10/10 Jacket | Black

Waterproof running jacket providing an excellent protection against the rain while remaining highly breathable and extremely light.

Perfectly waterproof and breathable, weighing in at just 105 grams, a minimalist and streamline design, with the Hurricane Waterproof Jacket 10/10 the weather will never deter you again! The jacket offers the perfect balance between protection and ventilation. Totally waterproof, it protects you from the rain and the wind thanks to its 10,000 Schmerber water resistant fibers and sealed seams that make it perfectly airtight. Extremely breathable, the fiber also guarantees excellent moisture and sweat wicking, so you stay dry outside and inside. Minimalist, the Hurricane Waterproof Jacket 10/10 offers a combination of unparalleled protection and lightness. Stay completely free of movement with its extensible fiber and its fitted cut that remains aerodynamic. The Hurricane Waterproof Jacket 10/10 is totally versatile and will protect you from the rain in any sport (trail running, triathlon, hiking, mountain biking …). It also meets the requirements for the ultra-trails mandatory equipment (membrane resistant up to 10,000 mm of water pressure).


Ultra-lightness: it weighs only 105 grams! The jacket can be folded easily in a belt or even a bag.
10 000/10 000: 10,000 Schmerber / 10,000 MVTR: totally waterproof, the jacket offers optimum protection against rain and perfect breathability.
Ergonomy: a maximum of ease thanks to the 4 way stretch fibre. Fully stretchable, the jacket is naturally adjustable to your body shape.

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