BV SPORT Effort Sleeves Booster One | Black




BV SPORT Effort Sleeves Booster One | Black


The Booster sleeve was created in 2003 in collaboration with the medical staff of the French 4×100 relay athletics team and the doctors from the BV SPORT research and development centre. It is the result of a specific manufacturing technique for exercise that combines intelligent material with medical and scientific validations.

Worn during exercise, this Booster compression sleeve enhances performance and reduces the risk of injury.

The Booster’s action promotes the longitudinal action of the gemellus muscles and the soleus by reducing oscillatory motion and vibrations, which cause fatigue and muscle injuries.

During exercise, the progressive Compression effect of the exercise Booster (BV SPORT patent) improves venous return and promotes the oxygenation of the muscles, tendons and ligaments, thereby optimising performance. When worn regularly, the Booster sleeve delays the heavy leg phenomenon and significantly reduces the risk of cramps.



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