Adidas XCS Women’s Cross Country Spikes | Core Black




Adidas XCS Women’s Cross Country Spikes | Core Black

adidas XCS Women’s Core Shoes

The adidas XCS Women’s Core Shoes designed for flexibility and versatility; from training to cross-country race day these trainers have you covered. Interchangeable flat and spiked pins give the adidas XCS Core Shoes grip on a range of terrains whilst the mid-firm cushioning creates a stable but responsive run making these shoes ideal for the neutral runner.

Breathable Mesh Upper

A mesh upper envelopes your foot in a lightweight, breathable fabric creating the ultimate comfortable environment, whilst the asymmetrical wraparound tongue hugs your foot for a secure and snug fit; a distraction free run as your foot is enclose is a snug and comfortable fit so you can focus on the race ahead. The lace closure allows you to adapt the fit to your fit as tight or as loose as need it to be ensuring the best fit for you.

Full Length EVA Midsole

The full length EVA midsole in the adidas XCS Core Shoes creates a low-to-the-ground cushioning; a cushioned yet natural run as you are able to feel the ground below ensures a comfortable yet responsive run. Lightweight and thin the full length EVA midsole offers cushioning that will not slow you down. A fusion of motion control and cushioning creates a shoe that allows you to have the best of both worlds; mid-firm cushioning creates stability and responsiveness allowing you to respond to the the track beneath your feet without any discomfort. A 10mm heel drop keeps the foot aligned in these lightweight adidas XCS Core Shoes. These shoes are perfect for a versatile run that gets the best of both world offering a neutral and responsive run whilst remaining comfortable, cushioned, and stable.

Outsole Interchangeable Flat and Spiked Pins

Interchangeable flat and spiked pins allow these versatile adidas XCS Core Shoes to be worn on a variety of terrains offering different levels of grip depending on what you need from the shoe; 6mm spikes and 0mm flat pins give you varying options depending on the surface whether you are training on grass or racing on a muddy or rocky trail. The adiwear outsole means that these adidas XCS Core Shoes are durable, ready to be worn time and time again for those pacy training sessions and those cross country races, these shoes offer the ultimate high-wear durability ready to be put through the paces.

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