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ALTON SPORTS AMBASSADORS: Mizuno Shoe Testing on the Endure 24 Course

Wednesday May 9th, 2018. It’s one month until Endure 24 kicks off at the Reading site (there’s one in Leeds, too) and we’ve set a crack team of Alton Sports Ambassadors along to the Endure 24 course to a) try on some awesome Mizuno trail shoes and b) run the Endure 24 course whilst taking a bunch of pics for the very blog you’re reading. The weather is set to mild & sunny, with a light wind and it’s perfect conditions for a jog around the course, where in a month’s time, thousands of endurance athletes of all abilities will help create a vibrant running festival in this beautiful Berkshire setting.

Before we set off on our midweek trail adventure, Graham from Mizuno talks us through the shoes and kit that’s our adorning our feet and bodies and tells us all about the course and the Endure 24 event. Each lap is 5 miles long and you can either run the event on your own / in a pair or in a team. You can run as many laps as you want but each runner in a team must do one lap! You might think that running 5 miles then having a break and smashing out another 5 would be easy, but it’s a proper endurance event and taxing on both the mind and the body!

After the intro, we had the pleasure of running around the course and testing out the Mizuno Trail shoes! Our team was made up of runners of all ages, abilities and genders – just as it should be. Alton Sports’ Ambassadors – Chris, Adam, Alastair and Georgie and Scott from our team and myself. Today we were testing four different trail shoes – the Rider GTX / Hayate / Mujin GTX / Daichi. We did our best to put the shoes through their paces… we ran through muddy puddles, across the stony terrain and up the course’s legendary Heartbreak Hill! Once was hard enough but a few times would definitely be taxing. We took the shoes for more testing by jumping over hay bails, and we stopped to make some cool little vids to see how responsive they were to the terrain. We agreed that all the shoes were a) comfortable and b) very suited to the Endure 24 course. The Michelin outsoles provided some super grip and Mizuno has developed ‘MIZUNO WAVE ‘, an original technology that provides the right amount of cushioning and stability your body needs. Just so you know, you can also come and try the Mizuno Running Solution (a detailed gait analysis) at our Alton and Farnham Stores to find your perfect shoes.

After a fun loop in the early May sun we headed back to our vehicles for a quick debrief and a couple of Clif bars for refuelling. The latter is not an advert, we were hungry! At Alton Sports, we’re very lucky to have a team of Ambassadors who love running as much as we do. Massive thanks to them for coming out and testing the shoes! Good luck if you’re running Endure 24 – it’s an amazing event with a real festival / party atmosphere (maybe due to the camping!) – we are sure you’ll have a great time and no wonder it’s called ‘Glastonbury for Runners.’ There’s still a few days to enter the Leeds event here.

Check out the course map here! 

The good news is that if you’re at Endure 24, then you’ll be able to come and see us as we’ll be there, too, with any running bits you might need. And of course, we’ll be running in it, too! Can’t miss out on running up Heartbreak Hill a few times 😉

Check out the full range of Mizuno shoes on our site!

Last but not least, it wouldn’t be Alton Sports with a mega deal for you all! Silva are one of Endure 24’s sponsors and we’ve got this super Outdoor Bundle deal up on our site. Ideal if you’re running Endure 24 or any other event this summer!


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