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Meet the Team

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Emileigh Clifford

Hi, I’m Emileigh and I’m Eastleigh’s newest member!

I’m mainly a social runner, and I love exploring the local roads and trails. I also enjoy challenging myself and pushing my limits; I have recently completed my first marathon and ultramarathon and I am hooked! My current favourite shoes are the On Cloudace, and my favourite post-run snack is a pint and a packet of crisps in the pub!

Mike Johnson

Hi I’m Mike and I work in the Farnham store. I have been with Alton Sports for 6.5 years.
The one thing I love about running is the sense of achievement afterwards. My favourite running shoe is dependant on what distance, speed or terrain I run, but I am a big fan of Brooks and ON. My favourite place to run is on the football pitch! I’m not a big fan of running on a treadmill. My favourite post exercise snack is whatever I can find in the fridge or cupboard… its usually pasta. My favourite distance to run is anywhere between 5-10km.

Callum Foster

Hi, I’m Callum and I work in the Farnham store and have been with Alton Sports for 2.5 years.

I enjoy running as a warm-up and recovery tool for before and after my weightlifting training and I prefer to do this on the treadmill or out on the country roads. My favourite shoes to wear are the Adidas Ultraboost 20’s. My favourite post run snack is a protein shake and my favourite distance to run is 5k!

Will Brewin

Hi, I’m Will and I work in the Eastleigh store.  I’ve been working with Alton Sports for 2 years and train with Southampton AC.

I love running whether it be commuting on the roads, training on the track, exploring coastal trails or racing cross country!  My all time favourite place to run is the coastal trails at the Gower Peninsula! I also love a track race over in Watford! My current favourite shoes are the Saucony Ride’s for sessions, long runs and anything in between! My favourite post run snack is a Cliff Bar! Especially the chocolate ones!

Scott Edgington

Hi I’m Scott, I am the co-area manager and have been with Alton Sports for 3 years.

I love running and sport. I follow it a lot and love competing. I’m always down a local club or at an event to help runners out with showing off our fantastic gear and talking about our instore services. I love the freedom of running you can go pretty much anywhere you want in the world. My favourite brand to run in is Hoka, I’m currently using the Hoka Clifton Edge. I love Peak performance clothing too! My favourite place to run is the beach on the IOW. My favourite post run snack is malt loaf with jam and my favourite distance to race is 10 miles.

Chris Sandy

Hi, I’m Chris and I’ve worked at Alton Sports for 4 years now.

I love running for my clubs; Vegan Runners and Stubbington Green Runners, and pushing my body to see what it’s able to do, either up massive hills or occasionally round and round in circles at the track! My current favourite shoes are the Karhu Ikoni and the Hoka Clifton, both great all rounders for mileage and speed sessions. My favourite places to run are normally wherever I can get to from my front door! My favourite distances to race are 5k and 10k road races, aswell as some 5 mile technical cross country courses. The best post-run snack is avocado and marmite on toast. Seriously, try it.

Georgie Lambert

Hello I’m Georgie and I’ve worked for Alton Sports since August 2015.

You can find me between our Eastleigh and Farnham stores as Co-Area manager for these two locations, I’m always on the move. In my spare time you will find me running, I love running as I enjoy the escape! These days I prefer running down beautiful country tracks with my dogs! I love all things trail. My favourite post run snack is cake!! and my favourite distance to run is 10k to half marathon. I have a huge passion for everyone to Run Happy so come have a chat with me if you feel like you need a running pick me up.

Toby Lambert

Hi my name is Toby Lambert, I am the Director of Alton Sports and I play an active role overseeing all branches.

For me running is life and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than helping our customers enjoy their sport, whether they run or enjoy any of the other sports we cater for! A day without running for me is like not getting up in the morning or not brushing my teeth! It simply has to happen! So no matter what pace you run, I always say something is better than nothing! We as a team get out and test all the products we sell every day , whether it be kit for on the trails, on the road, on the track or out racing marathons, so rest assured when any of us see you in the shop we can offer you the best and most trusted help and advice !!

And if you see me about, join me for a run!

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