In Store Bra Fitting

Wearing a sports bra while working out offers more than just great comfort, it also helps prevent irreversible damage that can lead to “sagging” breast tissue. Women can help minimise this damage by investing in a great fitting, quality sports bra.

The breast is comprised of connective, fatty tissue attached to the chest wall by fibrous strands called Cooper’s ligaments. There is no internal structure for supporting the breast tissue against gravity and excessive movement beyond this band of fibrous tissue. When the breast is unsupported during activity, the weight of the tissue, coupled with the breast movement, causes the ligament to stretch. This can cause both discomfort and permanent damage to the breast tissue.

It’s important to note that all breasts, no matter what size, are susceptible to damage of this ligament. The best prevention is to minimise excessive movement by providing support for the breast tissue with a properly fitted sports bra.

The average cup size in the UK is a D, this can be up to 1kg of weight to support.



No fit system is going to be foolproof. A woman’s shape, size, and breast tissue density will all factor in. The following measuring process is simply meant to help guide you to a starting size. From there, it’s all about trying various styles to find the best-fitting sports bra!

1. Rib Cage Measurement
Measure around the rib cage at the bottom band just under the breast. The tape measure should be snug. If measurement is between a whole centimetre, round down to the closest cm.

2. Band Size
Using our measurement guideline, find the corresponding band size based on the rib cage measurement.

3. Cup Size
Wearing the current sized bra visually assess to find the right cup size. Cups should fit without bulges, gaps or wrinkles across the breast.

4. Fit Bra On Body
Select a variety of styles to try on to determine the best fit for the body type.

The goal is to encourage a firm, supportive fit.





Keep It Fresh
Wash a sports bra after every 1-3 wears to remove the build-up of sweat, dirt and bacteria which break down the fabric.

Keep It Safe
Never expose your sports bra to a high heat or use fabric softener, this can damage the technical properties within the sports bra.

All this expert knowledge and advice is thanks to Brooks Moving Comfort. Our staff are regularly trained by Brooks Moving Comfort in order to offer you the same expert knowledge and support in store.

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