Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is available in all four stores as part of our full footwear fitting service. Our staff members are fully trained to perform gait analysis, so don’t be shy, visit us in store.

Gait Illustration400px


The above image is an illustration of the right foot taken from a posterior (rear) view. It highlights the possible movements in the ankle during your gait; the correct footwear can help support your feet depending whether you pronate, supinate or stay perfectly neutral. In order  to determine how your feet and ankles behave, all four stores provide standing gait tests, treadmill analysis and natural gait analysis.

Standing Gait Tests
This test is useful if you would prefer not to use the treadmill or if you are looking for footwear not for running/walking, such as everyday footwear or other sports footwear.

Treadmill Analysis
Treadmill analysis allows us to record your gait as you go through the run or walk motions. We can then slow down the recordings on the computer to talk you through the process and show you what we look for during the assessment.

Natural Gait Analysis
Natural gait is also useful if you would prefer not to use the treadmill or if you find it hard to find your run rhythm using a machine (weather permitting). We will take you outside to run in a straight line, away from us and towards us, we will then visually assess your gait motion and fit you into footwear accordingly.

No need to book an appointment, visit us whenever is good for you



Gait Analysis is completely free and included in the cost of your footwear purchase; if you have certain requirements or wish to find something of a certain price point, do let us know and we will find several options for you from our incredibly diverse range. If the time is not right for you to purchase on the day of analysis, a £20 deposit is charged, however is fully redeemable against any footwear in store when you are ready to purchase.

We are so passionate about the service we provide, we want you to go home with the very best shoes that are right for you, we can offer fully fitted in store with our help.