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Shoe Review! Tank Testing with the inov-8 Terraultra

I have always been a road runner, I didn’t even know what “Trail Running” was when I was doing the couch to 5K, I did one trail run in 2014 the “Run The Vyne” event and I only entered that one by mistake, I ran it in road shoes and found that my grip when going up the steep trail was lacking. I have run the St Michael’s Hospice Run every year since 2015 but that’s in a nice “flat-ish” field.

This summer I have been attending the Alton Sports Trail Series, I have found it quite fun to turn up at the store, try on some trainers that I would never have considered in the past and run in them, give them back and not get charged! You can’t go wrong.

Friday 13th July (scary for some) is the day I first discovered the “tank” of trail shoes, if they were a car they would be a Land Rover & if they were a Tank they would be a Challenger 1. Ladies & Gentleman let me introduce to you the inov-8 Terraultra G260.

I ran on this shoe first in the store on the day of the launch, I noticed for a rugged trail shoe they are very light, however you can tell by looking at them that they are “tough as old boots” even though they are new.

I didn’t buy them immediately, I wanted to have a proper go in them, so I waited over a month for the Alton sports inov-8 event on the 15th August. I ran in the inov-8 shoes that evening & I knew these were what I needed if I was going to do more trail runs. So the very next day I found myself in the evening with nothing to do, so I went out for a run in these “Tanks.” I ran over a number of surfaces & I have come to this opinion…

They are lower than my road shoes and feel heavier when road running, however running on a trail was incredible. I have always been sensitive when I have run over a bit of debris on the road because my feet don’t like it, however in the Terraultras they eat trail paths for breakfast. I swear I got faster on the trails than I did on the road, I was eating up the trails like a tank over a muddy field, on the trails the “bounce” I like came out and these heavy looking shoes became light and nimble, how do they do that?

Switching back to the road I could tell an immediate difference, which proves these are an off-road shoe first and foremost. To prove my theory I changed my route and ran over a public playing field, again the shoes came to life and over grass, heavy stone and mud they were fantastic, I was a different runner, which is odd because I like being me. 

You will have to excuse my short fat hairy legs but I promise I was flying on the trails. My conclusion is these are a great trail shoe and I look forward to finding some trail races to do, I had good grip when needed and puddles and mud banks were not an issue, if you like off road then these are the shoes for you. 


We only have limited sizes left – check the Terraultra out here!

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