CEP CloneTech Fitting Service

Clonetech Tight


  • Tailor-made (15 measuring points)
  • Gradually decreasing compression profile with 60% residual compression at the thigh
  • Compression at the foot activates the plantar plexus to reduce congestion


Perfectly adapted to the body for a 100% custom fit and highly effective recovery: CEP’s premium quality made-to-measure Recovery Clonetech Tights are a global innovation. They are the first compression sportswear to use the “made-to-measure manufacturing process”, which guarantees an ultra-precise compression profile that promotes circulation, prevents sore muscles and gives you light legs. This means more energy in record time for the next stage of training and competition. They are highly customized, have an immediate effect and are perfect “to go” under everyday clothing – this is what makes the Recovery Clonetech Tights so unique.


Available at all 4 of our branches, you must book an appointment to be cloned. Please contact the nearest store or via email at Eastleigh.altonsports@gmail.com for any enquiries