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The Miracle of March – London Marathon Training with an Alton Sports Ambassador!

After the highs of ‘focus February’ the training continued with Toby (Alton Sports founder and super quick runner) always a text message away giving advice and encouragement.

The month started with a nice parkrun sandwich, I ran 3 miles to parkrun, did the parkrun, scored a PB of 25:23 & unbeknownst to me I did my 50th Parkrun all in a nice neat package. I then had a slow 8 mile run home, Marathon day felt so far away & yet it is closer than I thought.

The week carried on with standard training runs with speed targets thrown in, I also got to attend an Ambassador Day presented by Salomon & we got to try out the Speedcross 5 shoes – I am really warming to trail runs and it’s good to mix up the types of surface you run on.

Sunday 10th March brought the official warm up race for the marathon. I was running in The Big Half in our nation’s capital! I travelled to the event with some other members of my running club and as some of them were a bit quicker and we were all starting in different starting waves Due to the bad weather I was really cold, I was taken pity on and I was given a plastic bin liner to wear before the race, I started to try and maintain some body heat.

This was the second race I have attended and Sir Mo has been competing, however this time I was free to cheer for him, I started about 25 minutes after he started so by the time I got to see him on the other side of the course he had already done six miles, however I made sure I gave him a big loud “Come on Mo” that was obviously what he needed to spur him on to win the whole race.I did have to stop for the first time in a race for a comfort Break but actually once I was back in the race I knew I was against the clock so I really did run as hard as I could. The March Miracle came at the finish when I came in with a chip time of 1:52:13, I had a watch time of 1:51:22, and I even made it on the TV. 

The course was awesome, flat, fast and part of the London Marathon course. The next target Toby has set for me is a sub 1:50 half marathon time, I believe with the right attitude and hard work this is achievable. Sadly the good result I had achieved at London had taken its toll on my ageing body and I walked away with a hip & a knee injury.

I knew I was in pain the moment I tried to do my recovery run and it felt like I was kicked in the rear the further I ran. After consulting with Toby he changed my training plan and instructed me to foam roll, stretch and rest. With my training runs dialled down I was willing my hip to stop hurting. The following Saturday I went for a Toby approved 3 mile run with my running buddy  & chief medical advisor, Nurse May, she said the same thing as Toby and we still managed a fast run covering 5K in 25:10. I was happy with that pace.

As time moved on I found the hip feeling better & I attended an interval session on our local running track, I am not a track person but I did enjoy the session and I gave my hip a good test.

The Friday night came bringing a message from Toby, 18 miles split into three:

  1. Run to parkrun
  2. parkrun as fast as I can
  3. Run home 

I put my big boy shorts on and tried my hardest, I achieved a second parkrun PB of the month in 25:11, looking back it’s only a few seconds but at the time it was a big deal and I was waiting for the award ceremony. Sadly I still had to run a further 8 miles home.

The final week of March presented itself with a personal challenge for me, as always I give Coach Lambert the options my running club have and he chooses if I run with the club or on my own to his targets, this time he picked an 8 mile club run with a much faster group than whom I normally run with. On this night I did 8 miles with the “wolfpack” – I was fortunate because Richard (The speedy Swede and Alton Sports team member) was running that night and like he did at Farnborough he paced me perfectly, to the point that I wasn’t the last “wolf” back to the meeting point. 

March has been a miracle, I have clocked up 110 training miles, overcome an injury and I am looking forward to being on the start line of the London Marathon in Amazing April.

Dave Warman – Alton Sports Ambassador

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On Cloudventure Shoe Launch at Alice Holt!

A miserable wet day at the start of February saw ON Running come along to Alice Holt to launch the Cloudventure shoe alongside ourselves, and our friends at Tribe Sports. We were glad it was wet because it meant mud! And you can’t test a trail shoe without mud – it’s just not ON is it?

Throughout the day we had nearly a 100 runners come and try the shoes on and come and do some of the marked 2k loops that we had set out at Alice Holt. Some people ran one loop and some people ran many a mile.. I think one chap was at the half-marathon distance when I spoke to him last. Not to forget that everyone picked up a free ON limited edition Tee shirt & Tribe protein shake. Sounds like a solid day, right?

Another highlight on the course was the ‘selfie zone’ where one lucky runner would win a pair of Cloudventure (see here) – a cool little idea and one person would end up going home with the shoes they’d been running in. How exciting!

Shoe wise – there was lots of great feedback on them. People were surprised at how light they were considering the amount of cushioning they had.. and that they were grippier than the previous model and other ON shoes they had ran in. Not to mention the comfort! This is a very comfortable shoe, that’s ideal for pounding out the miles on the trails.

We love organising events like this, so keep an eye out on our social pages for lots more in the near future. Thanks to ON & tribe for coming down!

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Check out this Facebook video from the day!