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Waterproof or not?

Waterproof or not?

OK so apart from price whats the real difference between a waterproof shoe and a non waterproof shoe?
How can I benefit as a runner?
Previously waterproof shoes have only been made waterproof via Gore-Tex, a company who lots of us have known and trusted for years. The market has moved on and now you can find waterproof linings made from the footwear brands themselves!
For example ON and Nike both use their own waterproofing liners or coatings with much the same effect.
Also a good bit of information to be aware of is previously for Gore-Tex to keep in control of their lining quality brands that have wanted Gore-Tex technology in their footwear would have had to send their finished footwear product off to Gore-Tex for them to fit the liner themselves. This has generally made Gore-Tex lined footwear half a size smaller but that’s not an issue as we have a simple solution for that, go up half a size…
Going forward Gore-Tex are allowing brands, under strict regulations, to insert the Gore-Tex liner during manufacturing which will in turn allow these waterproof shoes to be more flexible and not half a size out, winner!
Pros and Cons …
  1. Waterproof footwear is a dream for those early morning wet road or off road runs.
  2. Waterproof footwear is also windproof which in turn makes the shoe warmer
  3. Dry & warm feet will keep your feet in better health over time.
  1. Waterproof footwear has a slight increase in price from its non waterproof sibling
  2. Waterproof footwear is also windproof as above which isn’t great in warmer months…
  3. Gore-Tex Waterproof footwear is amazing at keeping water out however not so good at getting water out so if your planning on going through rivers, Gore-Tex is not for you.
All in all over the last 2 months I have been grateful daily for my waterproof off road shoes, keeping my feet dry and warm on morning sessions has helped keep my chilblains away which in turn has improved my performance.
I would highly recommend runners to have at least 1 waterproof model in their collections just in case.
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Saucony Triumph 17 review – Will Bryan

Saucony Triumph 17 Shoe Review!!!

Saucony have recently released their new Triumph shoe into their roster. It is their very well cushioned, neutral, road shoe option in their selection. It’s closest rivals from other brands would be the Glycerin from Brooks and the Pegasus Turbo 2 from Nike. This premium looking shoe has a lot to live up to, but how does it stack up?
New Features
The first thing you may notice is Saucony have gone from the ‘ISO 5’ to the ‘17’, this is because they have dropped the ISO fit from their Triumph line-up. The new Triumph is overall the 17th edition of the shoe hence the name. Also, they have upgraded the TPU foam in the shoe from the previous Everun to the ALL NEW Pwrrun+ (power run plus!) Unnecessarily, epic isn’t it? This new kid on the block makes the shoe is nearly 10% lighter overall and gives a bouncier ride then it’s predecessor. Supposedly it is in the way they have blown the foam beads in the foam and then fused them together. One would assume more air in the foam would make them less durable, but all the testing and my own experience would suggest the opposite.
In the world of running shoes Saucony has become synonymous with wide fitting and the Triumph isn’t any different. In the toe box your toes will be free to spread at will with every foot stride. The shoe feels secure up around the laces and even with the plushness of the heel counter I encountered no slippage, not even with my slender ankles. In terms of length, they fit true to size so no need to fiddle about with the sizes there.
Long and easy runs are the Triumphs bread and butter, it’s where they truly come into their own. They are a fatigued legs best friend taking a lot of the shock out of each stride and returning the energy nicely to make the shoe bouncy. One thing I will say is if you start to pick up the pace (i.e. the higher end of your steady speed) the shoe may start to unstable. When you hit a piece of uneven surface a speed you may feel the shoe wanting to spring you off in some weird direction. But, for those runs where the pace is more irrelevant these are quickly becoming my shoe of choice.