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14 easy steps on how to buy awesome new running shoes!

We’ve just started 2019 and it’s great that everyone has marked out new fitness goals for the year. Whether it’s to start running, to get fitter, to run more or to smash some race PBs, then it’s all attainable and it’s great to work towards something to improve yourself, your health and your fitness.

At Alton Sports we think it’s vitally important that you have the right shoes and gear to make sure all your running goals are smashed! Even when you first start running, it’s important to make sure you’re running in good shoes so you don’t injure yourself and miss out on running. And if you’re a seasoned runner then it’s always exciting to try something new out or pick up a tried and tested favourite.

Here’s our 14 Easy Steps (with pictures) on how to pick up new shoes running shoes from us!

1) Choose your store (Farnham pictured), we have 5 stores in total with Eastleigh, Alton, Gosport and Four Marks making up the quintet. Then come and see us! 

2) Admire the ridiculously large selection of  running shoes we have to offer!

3) Speak to one of our expert team members who will ascertain what you need / what you’re after / what your running goals are and whether you need road / trail shoes…

4) Measure your feet – it’s amazing how many people are surprised that they’re a size 10 when they thought they were a size 8 and they were wondering why their toes were bleeding!

5) Do a full gait analysis to make sure that we find the perfect shoes for you!

5.5) Check the results…

6) Try a bunch of shoes on to see what you like!

7) Run in them to make sure they work for you…

8) Choose the pair / pairs you like and fantasise about the awesome running you’re going to do…

9) It’s always good to accessorise with one of our ace in-store deals (just ask us when you come in what we can do for you!)

10) If you visit our flagship Farnham Store you can pop upstairs to Benson’s!

11) For all the best lifestyle running shoes and apparel…

12) Pay for your purchases, safe in the knowledge that it’s an investment in your healthy future!

13) We’ll bid you farewell and we’ll even open the door for you. Well, Richard will as he’s a very polite Swedish man. 

14) You’ll go home thinking about which shoes to come back for next time! Happy running! 

If you can’t come in and see us, then check our website and follow us on social media for everything we do!

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Here’s to a brilliant year of running in 2019!


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Hoka One One & Skins – Fly At Night Tour

As runners, we all have to get some of our running in at night. At this time of the year it can be hard to motivate yourself to go out and run, especially when it’s peeing down with rain, you’re getting blown over by a gale and your fingers feel like frozen stalagmites.

The Fly At Night Tour (it sounds like a great name for a rock n’ roll band tour), comprises of four dates across our stores and has the legendary Hoka One One bringing along their lovely new Mach & Cavu Fly At Night Shoes for people to run in. Our friends at SKINS are also bringing along the best in compression tights for keen runners to try on. Not to forget that the brands are giving away shoes & tights on the night to lucky winners… we know how to run an event here!

The Hoka Fly At Night range is designed for those who run before dawn and after dusk and offers the lightest cushion with no limits – both shoes have reflective logos and offering an alternative colour-way to the normal bright brigade that Hoka is known for. The shoes are ideal for the session we did with Alton Runners (6 x 800m intervals) and are were also perfect for running around Eastleigh at night.

Martin from SKINS also very kindly talked to everyone about compression – how it works, why you need it and about everything that SKINS can do to aid your running. Ears were particularly pricked when he mentioned that they can help you run faster over time! If you’re looking for compression and especially a really quality product, then Skins are a must to try on.

Thanks very much to everyone who came along to our events at Eastleigh and Alton. We have two more dates left – the 545 Run Club at Gosport on Dec 5th and running out of Farnham Store on Dec 6th. Our advice is to come and try on some lovely lightweight shoes and the best in compression! It’s all free, you get to run, and you can ask the experts anything you want. What more could you want?

SIGN UP for the last two dates here.

Shop Hoka One One and SKINS on our site.