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NEW SOCKS ON THE BLOCK!-Steigen Sock Review

Check out our new range of running socks from Steigen Sport designed to feel like your not wearing socks at all! Well…..they are defiantly right there🔥 Our team members Georgie and Lucy both gave them a try, Georgie on trail, Lucy on road, here’s their thoughts…..


“First impressions, loved the print but how can a sock seriously fit well with a large size scale of ​5-12uk​. First time on foot and the fit is impressive, snug round the mid foot with the heel cup hugging my heel in all the right places. The sock is very lightweight which isn’t usually my preference as I run off road in non-waterproof shoes, I usually like a warm thick sock to add comfort however these socks gave me everything I needed, my feet didn’t get cold, I didn’t feel uncomfortable at any point in my very muddy, wet run. I basically forgot totally that I had new socks on finishing my run very happy, blister and pressure point free! Great height to protect ankle and foot alike, I can’t wait for them to come back out the wash to wear again! Did I mention a super cool print! ”


“I’m lover of socks, always have been, the funkier the better for me! So I was very excited to try these out. First impressions….awesome fit! I quite like the idea of ‘one size fits all’ I much prefer the looser fitting around my toes so they are not too constricted but still feeling snug enough to not cause unnecessary rubbing. They are extremely lightweight, not too thick, but enough cushioning in the right places. I didn’t even realise they were on my feet whilst running! A really great sock in my opinion, they come in all different lengths too so there’s one for everyone!”

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How running saved me during ‘Lock Down’

How Running saved me during ‘Lock Down’

Below are some ‘real’ runners stories from during lockdown. We wanted to share how our amazing Ambassadors have been using running to help them through these uncertain times, using running as a routine maker or an escape.

Let us be honest this years Covid-19 pandemic is completely bizarre, who would have guessed we would all have to go through these crazy times and huge heart ache! I feel sharing our stories helps keep everything real and reminds us all that runners really are one big family. We hope you enjoy reading these familiar stories from our Alton Sports ambassadors.

Dave the Rave – A keen runner, Dave always has races to focus on. Dave really has shown huge mental strength during this time, peeling back the layers of why he runs, piece by piece rebuilding his own motivation after a nasty injury in January. Well done Dave we are proud of you!


The 23rd March is when it all changed, Covid-19 became a real thing and the country went into lockdown, this was done for good reasons, we all needed to stay safe, like everyone else I was immediately told to work from home and not to come into the office, this could mean I will be able to take a “Runch break” this was looking better all the time, then the Prime Minister said we could go outside for exercise

He didn’t have to say that twice. I then took up a regime of using my precious exercise time and went out for a run five days out of seven, I of course observed social distancing and made sure I kept out of everyone’s way.

Between 23rd March and 12th May I have clocked up 234 miles in just running alone, compared to last year when I did 209 Miles.My average distance per day was 5.98 miles, I also discovered #PEwithJoe on You-Tube, after doing his High Impact Training session every day and running I don’t think I have ever been fitter.

To put this into practice I ran a full marathon on 8th May, yes it was still hard to do the distance, but it was not as hard as I remember.

Don’t get me wrong we as a family have suffered just like everyone else, I have just tried to see the positives from these troubled times.

I found some new routes, I was able to run on normally busy roads without fear of being hit by a car, I have learnt a lot about myself and how much exercise means to my mental health as well as keeping my body active.



Sasha Cowley – One of the RunFitMum founders Sasha is always the light of any party, I mean run. Full of passion and sprinkling love wherever she goes we know it can’t all be that easy, we really appreciate your constant effort Sasha, Thank you. Find out how Sasha keeps sane during lockdown…


It’s been a tricky time for runners. Just when suddenly everyone has become a runner, for those of us who have known about its many joys, highs and benefits for years the last couple of months have been tough. Those events, that we have had in the calendar for weeks, months, possibly even years and have been working towards with great focus have been cancelled or postponed and with this level of uncertainty it makes it hard to stay motivated and keep positive.

Yet, despite all of this, I have been surprised that lockdown has actually allowed me to reconsider my running. This period has let me think again about what it is that I love about our sport and what I get from it. It’s not all about medals and PBs and in my case it’s not all about the running club “RunFitMum” I run with my friend Caroline, although that causes me huge happiness and pride. What this period has made me remember is that running is also my therapy, it’s my chance to process what is going on in my life, work through it and find my peace with it. It is also the way that I get myself out into the countryside and nature, which I also find a hugely positive force in my life. Not to mention that if I am going to sit on the sofa drinking too much wine and eating chocolate most nights then I certainly need to run.

So although initially as event after event was cancelled and our club runs also stopped, I struggled to imagine how I was going to keep motivated and keep running, infact, as it always is, running has been my salvation. It has added some normality to my life. It has been the provider of my very small amount of precious “me time” away from the kids and it has given me the endorphins and feel good buzz that we have all needed to keep positive and be the best version of myself I can be.

James Casey – Our ambassador who is always up for a good run, James is a great listener, a real team player. What you been up to James?

My training over the lock down has changed focus with so many of the events I had planned to do now cancelled or postponed to later in the year I just kicked back and explored some of the new trails that have been made in the new country park near my home, just keeping everything nice and relaxed if it was a 5k run or a 10k I did not worry not even about the time it took to complete.

As currently ride London 100 miles is still going ahead, I have been spending a lot of time in my garage on my bike in the virtual world of zwift. This has been good fun with some group rides with some of the stars of the cycling world like Mark Cavendish and sir Bradly Wiggins and watching them doing a live Instagram chat at the same time. The Sunday morning group rides I have been doing with two other ambassadors Phil and Paula who have made this lock down a happier place. 

Just need to save up now to get a treadmill so I can enjoy zwift running for when the colder times come

Overall I am defiantly in a happier place in my training and looking forward to seeing everyone 

Take care and be safe.



We hope you are all keeping well, we can’t wait to see you all soon either on the run or in our stores.