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Mizuno Running Solution at Brighton & London Marathons!

We have the pleasure of being at both Brighton and London Marathons this year! We’re going to be there with the Mizuno Running Solution. The Mizuno Running Solution is driven by ViMove – a powerful and revolutionary wearable sensor system designed to take the guesswork out of finding the ideal shoe for your running. By wirelessly measuring and recording movement & impact of up to 9 variables as you run, ViMove converts these readings into hard data, not hunches so you’ll be able to see and feel which shoe makes you a more efficient runner.

The fully trained Mizuno team of physios and shoe experts will guide you through the process, analyses your results and explain the read-outs. All of this will ultimately help you find your perfect shoe. It’s totally free and you’ll get to keep your data results to help you in the future. There’s also 15% discount on all current season products at Brighton & London Marathons!

BRIGHTON: Book here for your FREE 40 minute appointment worth £100 at the Alton Sports Marquee, Brighton Marathon, 13th -15 th April 2018.

LONDON: Book here for your FREE 40 minute appointment worth £100 at the Alton Sports Stand, Stand 305, London Marathon Expo, 18th -21st April 2018.

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An evening with G.B Ultra Runner, Tom Evans!

We love hosting a good old event at Alton Sports and it’s even better when you have an elite athlete coming along! A damp Monday night in Farnham was brightened up by a Q&A session with G.B ultra runner, Tom Evans. A good sized crowd of interested runners crowded round as Tom talked us through his so far brief career as an ultra athlete.

Tom started off introducing himself and making us all very aware that he was new to the game of long distance running. He kind of stumbled across his first ultra race at Brecon Beacons – unbelievably only entering the day before and then winning it! A third place in the 2017 Marathon des Sables followed (highest ever placing by a British athlete) and most recently he won the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica (more info here ). He is currently training for the South Downs Way 50 miler before heading off to the Trail World Championships in May where he will represent Great Britain. Tom also finished 3rd in UTWT 2017 rankings.

Tom’s background is as a member of the British Army but he has now gone full time with his running career! We’re not surprised to be honest. Tom was very detailed with his advice for our audience. He methodically answered a whole array of questions about nutrition and hydration. We understood that he splits his nutrition into 3 stages when racing and he repeated the phrase that runners should “Control the controlables (sic)” before and during a race – such as kit and nutrition. One of the key things Tom got across was about how our bodies can do a lot more than we actually think and the mental side of running… he said:

“Ultra running is not just about being physically fit, you also have to be mentally tough! If you believe you can, or you can’t, you’re probably right. I think that 70% of an ultra marathon is in your mind, believe in yourself and you will be amazed at what you can achieve!”

We also had the pleasure of HOKA ONE ONE coming along with try on shoes from their new Fly range. Tom lead a short 5K expedition around the streets of Farnham with everyone loving the new shoes. Make sure you keep an eye out on our social pages for upcoming exciting events at Alton Sports!

Massive thanks to Tom for coming down and talking to us! You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.