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Ben Jarvis | Maurten Review

Ben Jarvis | Maurten Review


Maurten Gel and Nutrition

What is so special about maurten? Is it the plain flavour? Is it just because top athletes use it? Or is it placebo effect?


Well I have used lots of gels in my time as a runner and now as a triathlete I have also started using lots of nutrition on the bike as well as before the event.

I had heard lots about maurten and what they can offer us with nutritional supplements and I just had to give them a try.

The main thing I was interested in was the jelly type feel instead of a more liquid type like most gels, and the non-flavour, which is an odd concept to me but after a long run or bike sometimes you don’t want too many flavours or tastes to deal with.


So first up I tried the 160 maurten drink mix. I was using this as pre hydration the day before my event. My first impressions were great. I loved the lack of flavour, even though it did have a slight taste. It was something I really liked as I don’t like just having water but sometimes some drink flavours are just too much! This was just about perfect in flavour. It was a nice consistency, nice and smooth and wasn’t too thick, which can happen sometimes if you have to make your own mix.

Something I did like was that it came in a ready-made packet, meaning I didn’t have to think about how many scoops and how thick it would be.

Overall I really liked the drink and would use this again whether it’s before or during exercise. 8.5/10



Next I was using the maurten 320 drink mix, now this is quite obvious but it was a lot thicker. This is mainly due to the amount of mix you are using which is obviously more. I did like this as it wasn’t too thick, but you knew it was going to give you more in the race as it wasn’t like water, more like a really runny gel.

The flavour of the 320 was still pretty nice, it wasn’t overpowering and too strong even though it was double the strength. Its lots better than having to try to figure out what flavour to use and what won’t make you feel sick after a whole bottle. It’s also nice in the way that it gives you enough of a flavour not to taste like water. I think this is very important so that you can tell the difference in your drinks without having to make sure you are using the right flavours.

The one thing I didn’t enjoy was it ended up tasting a little bit gritty, and lumpy in points. Now this may be that I didn’t shake the bottle enough every time I went to drink but this was a little disappointing for me, I feel I should be able to shake it at the start and then it should be fine until I finish the bottle, but this was obviously not the case in this instance.

Overall I did like the drink and the flavour but for the bike I wouldn’t use it because of having to shake it all the time. For a run I would as you would be constantly shaking it so this wouldn’t become an issue. 7/10


Finally I got to use the maurten gel during one of my runs. The main thing I was looking forward to about this was the flavour and the jelly type feel of the gel.

This didn’t disappoint. I was very impressed with the flavour and the jelly feel. Starting with the flavour, or lack of … this was really nice. You almost didn’t get any flavour from the gel which I really did like. I think especially if you struggle with finding gels that don’t make you feel sick or eventually if you can’t stomach any food then this would help lots. Having no flavour would benefit and make you not worry about what flavour you are having, when you’re having it, the taste, the smell…. With this there is nothing to worry about, as there is no flavour!

The jelly type feel of the gel was really good too! The main thing I liked about it is that you could take it all as one like a runny gel or a bit at a time almost like having sweets. It was really nice to be able to almost chew the gel and be able to squeeze and swallow without even thinking about it. Some gels are very hard to get out from the packet and some are very hard to open. With the maurten gel I didn’t have any issues. My hands were wet and sweaty but I was able to open the packet very easily.

Overall I am very impressed with the gel, with the flavour and the packet. They are not too big and easily enough to put either in your pocket, in a gel belt or to hold in your hand. Very impressed but one option I would add is to maybe add a stronger gel, like the drink options. 9.5/10


Ben Jarvis

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