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SPIbelt – ‘A Well-Engineered Bit Of Kit’

We recently caught up with Euan, our HOKA ambassador, to find out how he’d been getting on with his new SPIbelt (Small Personal Items belt), and this is what he had to say.


Euan SPIbelt

I have been running with the Spibelt for just over a month now and whilst it’s hard to get excited about a belt to store your keys, phone, food or in my case two dog leads and poo bags, I have to say the Spibelt is an engineering master piece. When I got it I was reasonably underwhelmed. How small? ‘How can anything fit in those two wee pockets’, I protested to my better half.

So I sat in my kitchen and tested what could fit in them. I was staggered and amazed at how many things could fit in. Brilliant!

So what have I learnt? Well, firstly, looks can be deceiving and secondly, don’t jump to conclusions.

Once I saw the beauty in the Spibelt the more I used it; from running with my dogs, to spending all day in the hills. What’s great is that it works well with my race vest as additional storage for Items I want easy access to.

So for me it’s not only a well-engineered bit of kit, but clever engineering that I will be using.

10/10 for a sturdy, secure and crucially bounce free small storage belt!

To grab yourself one of these nifty little waste packs, see them online here.

To find out more about Euan’s amazing story visit his website here.

Euan SPIbelt

Euan SPIbelt