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Short of ideas? Try these Alton Sports Christmas Gift Suggestions!

Blog image: Alton Sports Christmas Gift ideas

Stuck on what to buy loved ones at Christmas? Look no further

The team at Alton Sports have put together our 5 top picks we know will WOW any athletic, outdoorsy enthusiast.

Snowy print Rumpl Blanket1 A warm and cosy Rumpl Blanket

These blankets are the gift you always wanted, and they’re sure to be a winner Christmas present! Super lightweight quilted blankets with epic designs, this is the gift that just keeps giving. Keeping warm, staying comfortable on a picnic or great for stretching areas, these blankets can do so much more than just keep your knees warm on the sofa.

If you buy this item for a present, just make sure you wrap it up quickly or you might find yourself using it!

Rumpl Beer Blankets - keep ale coolAnd if you’re looking for a smaller present for the beer lovers in your life, you can even get Rumpl Beer Blankets to keep their favourite tipple nice and cold – or keep their hands warm holding a cold beer!

Buy Rumpl Blankets



Alton Sports Gift Vouchers2 Versatile Gift Vouchers

Ok we all have them, someone on your present gift list who’s got it ALL!

Why not get them an Alton Sports gift voucher – you can get in-store gift vouchers, or online vouchers for your friends and family who are further afield.

Rest assured we give our great advice and product knowledge to all who purchase from us, from gait analysis in store to customer service via mail order, we will be here for your gift’s recipient. Friendly banter sprinkled in for good measure …

Buy Alton Sports Gift Vouchers



Aftershokz Sports Headphones3 – Aftershokz

Ah, Aftershokz! The sports headphones we wish we’d known about years ago. The holy grail for long run entertainment: ideal for music, podcast – or your lucky gift recipient could even phone you for a quick catch up (and to thank you for them!). Whatever they use Aftershokz for, they should be prepared for those miles to fly by!

Tough and durable, Aftershokz headphones repel sweat, dust and rain, and they leave the ears unblocked for safety. The perfect companion for lone runs!

Aftershokz are sure to send a smile day in day out!

Buy Aftershokz



DryRobe - warm and dry outdoor changing and lounging!4 – DryRobe (with a FREE compression bag!)

The jealousy maker.

Don’t get caught in the cold collecting your number or queuing for that coffee! Dryrobes will ensure you keep warm & dry before and after events.

Doggie DryRobe - coordinate with your poochGreat for privacy while getting changed too! Dryrobes have so may different roles once in team, they won’t be hanging up in your downstairs bathroom collecting dust.

You can even match the family’s four legged members – Doggie DryRobes are also available!

Buy DryRobes




Balega Ultraglide Sports Socks5 – Socks for Christmas? These aren’t just any socks!

Compression socks for great performanceSocks are a staple of Christmas giving but our socks are not just any socks!

Our brands range from CEP compression, stances, hilly & Balega all technical running socks that are tried and tested!

We have hundreds of customers who thought that any ‘sports’ sock was good enough but once converted to one of our specalised brands have never looked back! Treat someone this Christmas maybe even treat yourself with our 3 for 2 offer in stores!

Buy socks



 Happy Christmas shopping

We hope you have fun – the odd mince pie helps!

Image of person holding bag of Christmas shopping



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Nike Trail shoes trial: Terra Kiger 7 vs Pegasus Trail 2

Nike Trail shoes on test

Trail shoes. Our fastest growing category – and also a huge category full of choice.

All this choice can be very confusing, but don’t panic guys: we are here to help!

We have been putting our Alton Sports ambassadors to work (lots of miles of work), getting all the reports back to offer you real comparisons on similar models.

We hope that sharing their feedback will give you all confidence to treat your feet to something new.

So: Nike trail! This brand has been dominating trail footwear for a while now, offering lots of different options for lots of different runners needs and wants.

Here at Alton Sports we have really enjoyed their approach. They offer a wide variety of colours (very Nike) but also fulfil within their trail options a perfect balance of features our runners have been asking for.

Trail trials

A well cushioned trail shoe that offers stability and comfort while still performing mile after mile? Well, that’s your Nike Pegasus every time.

A faster feeling trail shoe that still offers comfort and protection? That’s your Terra Kiger.

Boom! For trail running, Nike has the answers.

Below we have ambassador feedback and some hard facts to help you make the right decision!


Nike Trail comparisons Terra Kiger 7 Pegasus Trail 2
Weight (Men’s UK 9) 309.4g 320g
Offset (mm) *
4.5 (12/16.5) 9.5 (15/24.5)
Rock Plate †
Yes No
Cushioning React Foam
Zoom Air unit in forefoot to add responsiveness
React Foam – full length

Terra Kiger 

The Terra Kiger is a super-feeling trail shoe. I personally love a shoe with lots of cushioning and a high mm stacking so I was a little surprised I liked this model.

I use the Terra Kiger for my ‘Faster feeling’ session on the trails and have run up to 10 miles in them (I’m a 5k runner). I wouldn’t hesitate to take these longer; but I don’t really go much further!

Not only does the Terra Kiger look great on the foot, I also love its comfort. Really lightweight, breathable upper – great at getting any water out of the shoe quickly so you can stay on pace over the trails.

Other features I enjoyed include the lightweight tongue, which stayed still for the full duration of all my runs and works very well with the comfortable lacing system. I sometimes find lightweight shoes come paired with uncomfortable uppers, but this is not the case with the Terra Kiger.

I tested this model on storm/fire tracks and muddy twisty single tracks. I would say this model stood up very well in both locations but excelled on the fire tracks. The rock plate worked well and I was always comfortable under foot. I particularly enjoyed the Zoom air unit in the forefoot; this really increased the responsiveness every stride.

Nike Pegasus v Terra Kiger offset comparisonPegasus Trail 2

The Pegasus Trail 2 is an amazing shoe. It’s a super-well-cushioned model with a large sole unit for optimal comfort and stability wherever the trail takes you – everything I love in a shoe.

The full react foam gave me a cushioned ride mile after mile, this model feels light to me compared to other trail options on the market.

I suffer from heel spurs and sometimes find a sock like upper hard to get on and off however I didn’t get this problem in the Peg trails. The neoprene-feeling sock liner is very stretchy, not restricting at all and works very well with the heel counter. Super comfy all round.

I tested this model on the same terrain as the Terra Kiger. Both have very similar sole unit and lugs, but the Trail Pegasus 2 performed best on fire tracks and stony locations. In deep slippery mud I noticed the lack of deep lugs, but that’s the compromise you need to take with trail options sometimes. I mean it was some serious mud.

I would class this model as the high mileage option over the Terra Kiger; when high cushioning is the priority the Pegasus Trail wins over the Terra Kiger.

In Conclusion

Both models are super comfortable on their uppers and overall rides. Both models are perfectly suited to drier trails and storm paths.

Although this blog started as a comparison, I feel these models actually go really well together! Not helpful I know! Where they differ is in the kinds of run you’ll use then for: Pegasus Trail 2 is ideal for longer slower paced runs, while the Terra Kiger is your best friend for faster tempo and interval sessions.

Well done Nike, yet again 2 super trail options to add to my ever-growing collection!

* Offset: the stack height of the shoe – the drop from the heel to the toe. I describe this as a stiletto drop: the higher the heel, the bigger the drop to the toe. 1-4mm difference isn’t really going to cause any issues to runners but 6mm might have an impact. A lower drop means your calf and Achilles have to work harder, but a lower drop also means your stride can be more forefoot which is better for joints in the long run.

Rock plate: a plate that’s built into a shoes (generally trail shoes) that stops sharp or hard objects hurting the sole of your foot as you run over rugged terrain. Really important for mixed terrain trail runs and south/ north downs way, where you get lots of flint and rocks.