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TLD24 Blog: Your top 4 items for any 24 hour running event!

TLD24 Running Event

We’re into Spring and the weather is great for getting out and running on and off the roads. If you’re into big challenges, you could look at doing a 24-hour event, like TLD24 – The Longest Day Endurance Race. It’s a running event that takes place in Hampshire, UK on the longest day of the year. You’ll want to do a lot of training for it, mind! Here is a list of our top four must-haves for any long-distance runner – but especially if you’re tackling 24-hour events.

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1: Head Torch / Head Lamp

Unless you’re doing some crazy Arctic challenge in mid summer, you’re going to be running in the dark at some point during a 24-hour event. When this happens, it is key to maintain good vision – even more so on the trails, where tree roots and ruts in the path can be treachorous.

Here at Alton Sports we have a lot of love for Silva head lamps. Their comfort & light technology combined is second to none and we speak from experience: this brand has been tried and tested by us all!

What does my headlamp need?

We recommend a head torch with a light power rating of over 250 lumens. This will illuminate the complete darkness that can be found in covered areas like forests during the night.

Comfort is key. Personally I use a buff under my head torch to help keep the light in place throughout my run, because sometimes my hair will make the band move as I bounce over the trails.

Importantly, of course: make sure your head torch is fully charged. Some models are USB rechargeable; others take batteries and some models have the capacity for both! For the former, make sure you’ve fully charged your USB-powered lamp. For the latter, ensure the batteries have plenty of power – and it might be an idea to take spares. Then you’ll be ready for all the dark hours.




2: Buff

‘What’s a buff?’ I hear you ask. What isn’t it, I riposte?

A buff is a simple but hugely versatile item that’s great for a range of uses:

  • as a face covering
  • a neck warmer
  • a head band
  • or a good old wrist-mounted sweat band

However you wear a buff, you will definitely want one (or more) of these in your race pack!




3: Socks

Socks! Arguably the most important item in anyone’s run wardrobe – they can be the difference between a comfortable, pleasurable run and a painful regrettable one!

Technical run socks will have all the features a runner needs to run in complete comfort. Features such as:

  • stitching away from key rub areas
  • reinforced toe and heel areas for added protection and
  • fibers that are breathable to keep moisture away from the foot during the longest of runs

We love all our technical socks but if we had to pick we would wear the brands that just do socks. If they only do socks they must be good, right?

Balega, Hilly & Feetures are some of our favourite brands.




4 – Hydration vests

Hydration vests are a super easy way to carry all you will need, lap after lap – and they’re not just for water!

You can carry your phone, spare socks, blister plasters & food in a comfortable non-invasive way (that also keeps your hands free) to make your laps go smoothly.

At Alton Sports, we hold stock of lots of different hydration vest brands. Like feet, no two bodies are the same so it is best to try out different models for yourself rather than going with what your running buddy wears. Come into one of our stores if you can to try them on for fit and comfort.



I hope these tips give you some inspiration for ways to make your runs more comfortable, fun – and of course quicker!

If you have any questions, pop into one of our stores, drop us a line here or give us a call. Our team will be happy to help.