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Alton Sports Ambassadors: A day with Saucony & Maurten!

You know how it is, you wait for one awesome brand to come along to our Four Marks Store and you get two at once! Our first Ambassador Day of the year, saw Saucony and Maurten come along with some running goodies for our Ambassador Crew. They braved the snow and took their new Saucony shoes out for a spin whilst going back to the classroom for a talk about how the Maurten tech works!

Here’s what our ambassadors had to say about it all…


“The other week the Alton Sports Ambassadors got together for a Saucony day which featured a playful day in the Snow and an opportunity to learn about the latest Everun technology incorporated into their design.  The slick fashionable appearance of the Saucony Triumph Iso 5 makes it a trainer for every occasion. The integrated Everun layer under the insole offers a comfortable ride from the impact of running many miles on the road.

I have recently been introduced to Maurten at a recent Alton Sports Ambassador day. Being a long distance runner, I understand the importance of nutrition during a run to maintain levels to maximise performance.  I was amazed by the scientific research Maurten have done to develop their product to what it is today. Having learnt about the science to minimise tummy upsets and maximise the absorption of carbs during running, it is hard to believe Maurten is such a new player in the field. I was really impressed by the brands simple, black no frills packaging of their products, which indicated to me that they don’t need to shout to get your attention, have some amazing advocates performing at their peak in the world of running, such as Mo Farah, and the boys attempting to break the sub 2 hour Marathon. This is definitely a product ahead of its time and one you need to get your hands on.”


“I was given a really cool pair of Triumph Iso 5 and I really quite like them, I have nicknamed them “Spitfires” not after the WWII plane but after the flame red Triumph Spitfire my dad used to own in the seventies before I came along. I have now done quite a few miles in them – they’re comfortable, the grip is good and I love the look of them. 

They feel very hard wearing and sturdy like they can deal with anything, this explains why the rep said they can be used for road and trail. On that basis they don’t feel as bouncy but then if they are a bit on the aggressive side that’s not a bad thing. I love the design and the colour and they size up well. I am very particular on shoes that are a bit bigger because it always looks that I am wearing oversized shoes, but I don’t get that feeling with the Triumphs. 

On the subject of the Maurten sports drink, ….. it works ! I drank half a litre of it before I went training with Toby (Alton Sports boss) on Friday and I knocked 2 mins of my 5K PB, I was saving the rest of the stuff for the marathon because if it works that well, I will certainly need it on marathon day. It is easy to drink and does not have any nasty after-effects, I like it.”


“It’s very refreshing to have a 5 ingredient nutrition option available for our runners, and I am excited to introduce Maurten to other runners and bring in this very forward thinking brand as an option for our endurance runners.”


“I have worn my Saucony long sleeve top & jumper constantly. I absolutely love the fit of both in particular the thumb holes on the sleeves of the top. The Triumph ISO 5 are incredibly comfortable & supportive with great space in the toe box. They have been my go to for shorter runs with my clients & dare I say ‘everyday’ wear too.

I used the Maurten drink prior to Hampton court half and only needed one gel during race. I didn’t need more as it was sufficient to keep me going from 10k. It had no flavour but was sweet, jelly like in consistency which took a little getting used to but it was easy to take & digest. No adverse tummy upset or sugar spike which was great as it meant no crash. I have since used the gels on long trail runs too & as my stomach rules my head so they are the perfect accompaniment to real food.”


“I used the Maurten gels in last year’s Bournemouth Marathon. They were easy to open/take and didn’t cause any stomach issues. The flavour is pleasant without being overly sweet. I’d say they are my go-to race energy source now and will be using them for this year’s London Marathon.”


“I’ve been wearing the Triumph ISO 5 a lot recently and find them super comfy and supportive.  I’ve not ran in a shoe with a mesh upper before and like it, think it’s ideal for summer as I can tell my feet won’t get too hot, I can almost feel a breeze as I run! The long sleeve top is fab, worn it heaps both skiing and running! For something so light it’s actually incredibly warm and I love the coral colour. Not had much of a chance to wear the hat as the temperature has warmed up so much since but think it’ll be a winner for colder runs. Love the pony tail hole!

In terms of Maurten – haven’t done any long distance stuff recently but will be using it for Endure 24 in the summer. The science behind it is fascinating and clearly works!”

You can shop Saucony and Maurten on our website or feel free to come into any of our 5 stores and talk to us about both brands!

Saucony Triumph ISO 5 Women’s Running Shoes | Grey

Saucony Triumph ISO 5 Women’s Running Shoes | Grey

Saucony Triumph ISO 5 Women’s Running Shoes

The Saucony Triumph ISO 5 Women’s Running Shoes has more EVERUN underfoot than ever before to make your longest run fly by. Helpful for runners who suffer from underpronation, the EVERUN midsole provides exceptional cushioning to control the motion and impact for the ultimate running experience.


Engineered with a jacquard, breathable mesh upper the Saucony Triumph ISO 5 allows cool air to penetrate the fabric, removing uncomfortable heat build up and creating a cool, comfortable environment for your foot to thrive in. Combined with the innovative ISOFIT technology, the dynamic fit system of a soft inner sleeve and floating support cage adapts and molds to the shape of your foot, moving with the foot’s natural motion for a custom fit and a locked-in feel. Added reflective elements on the heel ensure you are kept visible in low-level light so you can keep safe on those early morning workouts and continue to clock up the miles even when the sun goes down. The ISO 5 has a reconfigured lace structure for a much more secure fit; with a plush collar and tongue, it provides step-in comfort for the wearer, while the added overlay above the big toe adds extra durability to the upper.

Full-Length EVERUN Midsole

Equipped with a full-length EVRERUN midsole the Triumph ISO 5 provides enhanced energy return and continuous cushioning from the first step out the door to the final few meters. Combined with an EVERUN Topsole construction, the Triumph ISO 5 is a breakthrough in cushioning, offering a livelier, more responsive cushioned underfoot for smoother landings and stronger takeoffs; perfect for runners with underpronation the shock absorption and lowering peak pressures of the midsole help to create the ultimate running experience. The FORMFIT contoured footbed molds to the shape of your foot offering a custom feel fit and cloud-like comfort. Finished with an 8mm offset, the evenly distributed cushioning between the heel and forefoot results in a comfortable, balanced position with every foot strike.

Tri-Flex Outsole

The Tri-Flex outsole works in tandem with the new EVERUN full-length midsole to give the shoe much greater force dispersion over a greater surface area with also offering optimum flexibility and traction. The sole is also designed with crystal rubber; a dual purpose rubber that provides both traction and durability with increased flexibility for a fluid, smooth run. Multi-directional lugs work to stabilise the foot, whilst providing a solid base for actions like takeoffs, changes of direction and sudden braking.

Your order will be dispatched by our dedicated team at Alton Sports. We have a very diverse team with many of our staff members being involved in various running disciplines including 800m to 10km on the Track or Road, Half Marathon to Triathlon and everything in between. Some of our colleagues compete to a high level in both domestic and international competition. Our skills are wide ranging from having qualifications in anatomy and physiology to nutrition to postural assessment and even exercise and coaching.

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